Vivo’s APEX 2020 reveals vision for the future

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Vivo unveiled the third generation of its APEX concept smartphone – APEX 2020. Known for iconic innovation, APEX 2020 builds on the success of its previous generations to feature more cutting-edge technologies, while also showcasing Vivo’s continuing pursuit of head-turning aesthetics. This flagship product displays a major breakthrough in visual effects based on Vivo’s deep consumer and smartphone industry insight.

120° FullView Edgeless Display

Vivo unveiled the first concept smartphone APEX in 2018, a FullView™ design that brings an unprecedented sensory experience with a 98% screen-to-body ratio. The APEX 2020 has carried on Vivo’s exploration and pursuit of a truly FullView™ Display and Super Unibody design. It is wrapped in a 6.45-inch curved display that bends at an angle of up to 120° on both sides. This helps remove side edges and bezels from the frontal view and results in an ultra bezel-less display. For both aesthetic and practical considerations, physical buttons are replaced by a virtual pressure-sensing button.

120° FullView Edgeless Display


In-Display Camera, Visualising the Invisible

The In-Display Camera not only breaks up the constraint of bezels, but also unleashes a new possibility of a non-mechanical front camera. It presents a Super Unibody design with no openings and expands internal space. The 16MP front camera features a 4-in-1 super-pixel photosensitive chip, realising the innovation of capturing clear images with the In-Display Camera.

In-Display Camera


3rd Generation Screen SoundCasting Technology

To maintain the entire hole-less design, APEX 2020 has once again adopted the Screen SoundCasting Technology while making technical innovations. Driven by the electromagnetic force, the 3rd Generation Screen SoundCasting Technology boosts audio from the two groups of high-performance audio amplifiers, through the two sound exciters to vibrate the display.


Continuous Optical Zoom – High Resolution + High Image Quality

APEX 2020 is equipped with a “4-group lens combination” with two groups fixed and two groups movable, which achieves a high-magnification continuous zoom and real-time focus.  With the support of a periscope structure, the entire module is only 6.2 mm thick, therefore, making it possible for this professional-grade lens to be incorporated into the APEX’s ultra-thin body. To further enhance the image quality, Vivo has incorporated a leading multi-frame algorithm so that scenery from afar can also be easily captured.

5x-7.5x Continuous Optical Zoom produces images in high resolution


Instant photobomb removal

APEX 2020 can perform real-time image segmentation and background repair synchronously through sophisticated video image segmentation technology. When setting the target at the viewfinder, it can segment images and remove the undesired passer-by in real-time.I t naturally rebuilds the background by blending with the original through video restoration technology. No matter how complicated the background environment is, the target you set can always be the “protagonist” of the photos.

Gimbal-Stabilizing Main Camera and 5x-7.5x Continuous Optical Zoom lens


APEX 2020 brings an all-rounded user experience and endless surprises to the smartphone industry and global users. for more information on the APEX 2020 visit

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