Volkswagen and Microsoft team up to develop autonomous driving systems

Date:12 February 2021 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Volkswagen has teamed up with Microsoft to help fast-track the development of its autonomous driving systems. The German automaker has previously enlisted the help of Microsoft to work on cloud computing for connected cars, now it’s looking to expand that partnership to its autonomous driving division of vehicles.

The idea behind the partnership is that VW will combine its knowledge of self-driving systems with Microsoft’s ‘Azure cloud computing’ to create the Automated Driving Platform (ADP). VW hopes the ADP could be used for a variety of different aspects, including ride-sharing, micro-mobility, short-term rentals and more.

To get its self-driving technology to the level of Tesla, for example, VW will need a huge amount of data. To handle all the new information, the Automaker said it would lean on Microsoft for computation, AI and data capabilities.

ADP will help reduce the development cycles from months to weeks and efficiently manage the huge amount of data. The companies will start working on ADP immediately and are looking to continuously expand the functional scope of the development platform.

“The power of Microsoft Azure and its compute, data and AI capabilities will enable Volkswagen to deliver secure and reliable automated driving solutions to their customers faster,” said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president, Cloud + AI at Microsoft.


Picture: Twitter/@VolkswagenSA

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