Volkswagen CEO loses job due to faulty Porsche software

Date:25 July 2022 Author: Juandre

After significant software delays postponed the planned introduction of new Porsches, Audis and Bentleys, Volkswagen’s given CEO Herbert Diess the boot.

Struggling to win over supporters, Diess’s tough-talking management style ensured that the former CEO became more and more alienated as time went by. In efforts to become the electric vehicle industry leader, Diess would often be fighting with various labour groups about dismissing thousands of employees to ensure Tesla wouldn’t run away with the race, according to

Diess was given extra responsibilities back in December as part of a management restructuring ploy and although many alterations were brought about, he has been unable to effect the necessary changes required by the board reshuffle.

“Taking over the ship at Cariad seems to have been Diess’s downfall,” according to Matthias Schmidt, an independent auto analyst.

Diess had plenty of ambition – in his most recent budget, he proposed spending 89 billion euros ($91 billion) on software and electric vehicles over the following five years. Volkswagen predicted last year that its software division alone will someday employ 10,000 employees, making it one of the largest businesses in Europe. He promised significant expenditures just three weeks ago, promising to hire thousands of software experts in China, the world’s largest auto market.



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