WATCH: Ford SA’s custom-made braai robot

Date:20 December 2021 Author: Byron Lukas Tags:, , , ,

Employees at Ford South Africa’s Silverton Assembly Plant in Pretoria have created a robot that can braai up to 120 pieces of meat in 12 minutes. According to the motor company, the TFC “Braai Boerewors Quickly” was created out of an old bakkie and turned into an automatic braai machine.

The braai bot is programmed to place the grills packed with meat on one of the three braai stations surrounding the unit and then flip the grill after a set time, My Broadband reports.

The TFC can also offload the grill from the braai and onto the braai station, which was manufactured by using a scrapped Ford Ranger Wildtrak bumper and grille.

It can also flash the bakkie’s headlights, indicate, beep the horn and flash the parking lights. Other special powers include pouring water or cool drinks as well as serving a full tray to people.

Watch it here:

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