Watch: The outspoken, gunslinger robot who got decommisioned

Date:27 July 2022 Author: Rienk De Beer

‘Fedor’ was a Russian humanoid robot who first rose to fame a couple of years ago when a video of the machine firing duel-pistols went viral.

Fedor, the first humanoid robot from Russia to reach orbit, went rogue on Twitter earlier this year, sending a series of amusing and strange messages to representatives of the Russian space agency.

The robot was first captured on camera by the Russian government firing a gun in 2017. The robot can be seen firing two pistols from the hip in pictures that were uploaded on Twitter, much to the joy of Russian officials. Then-Deputy Prime Minister was compelled to reassure the public that Russia was not, in fact, developing a Terminator robot after the news gained international attention.

A few years later, Fedor launched into space as Skybot F-850 to accompany a crew on the International Space Station. The not-a-terminator was the first humanoid Russian robot to reach the space station after nearly failing to dock with it.

Fedor was used to make simple repairs while floating above the planet and even made a brief spacewalk. A few weeks later, he succeeded on his own in guiding a reentry capsule to the steppes of Kazakhstan.

The press hailed Fedor as a hero, but Russian officials were less pleased and chastised the robot, saying that “Fedor cannot fulfill his goal to replace human astronauts on spacewalks.”

The robot was not amused by the criticism and posted a barrage of irate tweets on his own state-run Twitter account. Maxim Suraev and Elena Serova, two former astronauts and Russian legislators, were referred to in multiple tweets by Fedor as “drunks” because of their red, puffy faces in 2020.

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