Western Digital My Book Live Duo personal cloud storage system

Date:22 March 2012 Tags:,

Data is valuable stuff, and often irreplaceable, so it stands to reason that you’d want to store all of your family’s digital content in a secure location. That acknowledged, you might care to try Western Digital’s My Book Live Duo personal cloud storage system, available in 4 TB and 6 TB capacities. It’s a compelling option because it combines the benefits of shared storage and remote access with double-safe backup or increased capacity of a dual-drive system with RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Discs) technology.

Here’s how it works: it continuously maintains a second copy of all your files for real-time data backup in mirrored mode (RAID 1). Half of the capacity is used to store your data, and half is used for a second copy. In the unlikely event that one drive fails, everything is still available as it’s been duplicated on the other drive. In spanning mode, the two-drive system combines both drives into one large volume to act as one drive, achieving maximum capacity. According to the manufacturer, the built-in 800 MHz CPU delivers the power and performance needed for today’s most demanding applications. Price: about R4 000 for the 4 TB and R4 800 for the 6 TB option. Visit www.westerndigital.com

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