What we know about the Lanseria smart city development

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As part of his state of the province speech, Gauteng Premier David Makhura spoke about the preparations for the new Lanseria smart city development. The location for this new city was announced by President Ramaphosa as part of his State of the Nation address and is expected to be developed over the next decade.

Here is what we know about the development so far:

It aims to fix apartheid-era spatial policies

As part of his speech, Ramaphosa said the new development would be a ‘truly post-apartheid city’ that would ‘change the social and economic apartheid spatial architecture’.

The city planning under apartheid seperated different racial groups and, as a result of the unequal economic policies, created incredible wealth disparity between areas in every major South African city. Redressing this issue in post-apartheid South Africa has been a struggle and it appears the government believe starting a city from scratch is one solution.

“[The city is about] Building a society based on human solidarity, where no one is left out and no-one is left behind,” said Makhura.

Mixed residential and business

The megacity is expected to be able to home 350,000 to 500,000 people. According to MyBroadband, in addition to the residential units, the city would have around 5 million square metres of commercial floor space.

Business is expected to focus on being manufacturing, logistics, and business hub.

A 5G city

In line with the governments focus on the fourth industrial revolution, the city is hoped to be at the forefront of new 5G technology.

“It will not only be smart and 5G-ready but will be a leading benchmark for green infrastructure continental and internationally,” the president said.

With a focus on technology and innovation, the smart city is expected to be the location for jobs of the future.

A travel hub

Centered around Lanseria airport, the city would be a stop-off hub for those travelling to neighbouring towns or to the border.

In his speech, Ramapohsa asked South African to imagine a future where this city is connected to others by bullet train. While this might just be a fantasy for now, it is confirmed that the Gautrain would be extended to Lanseria for easy access from its current lines.

A green city

In both their speeches, Ramaphosa and Makhura said the city will be a “green city” whose development and existence will have as little environmental impact as possible.

With rainwater harvesting and solar panels already discussed as ways to make the city less reliant on harmful energy sources, the government plan to build a “sustainable city for all.”

“[The city will be] Promoting climate justice and taking action to protect the environment, for the sake of future generations,” said Makhura.


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