WhatsApp sees 70% cut in viral message forwarding

Date:29 April 2020 Author: Leila Stein Tags:,

WhatsApp recently introduced new measures to help curb the spread of false information on its platform, which appears to have been a success.

The company introduced limits on the number of times a message has been forwarded, to halt the spread of misinformation which had been plaguing users across the world.

According to TechCrunch, since its implementation, the company have recorded a 70% drop in these highly forwarded messages.

“We recently introduced a limit to sharing ‘highly forwarded messages’ to just one chat. Since putting into place this new limit, globally there has been a 70% reduction in the number of highly forwarded messages sent on WhatsApp,” said a company spokesperson.

While forwarded messages contained all kinds of information, they saw a surge in viral messages relating to the coronavirus pandemic. Often these messages shared incorrect or even harmful information, prompting governments to ask platforms like WhatsApp to implement controls and restrictions.

“This change is helping keep WhatsApp a place for personal and private conversations. WhatsApp is committed to doing our part to tackle viral messages,” says the spokesperson.

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