Whatsapp testing new group blacklist feature

Date:14 October 2019 Author: Leila Stein Tags:,

Whatsapp is developing a way to ensure you are in charge of which groups you can be added to.

According to MyBroadband, this function will replace the option to prevent all users from inviting you to groups. Rather users will now be able to select certain contacts from adding you to unwanted groups. Only trusted contacts will be able to spontaneously include you in groups.

Right now, you have three options to choose from in your privacy settings with relation to who can invite you to groups, namely “Everyone”, “My Contacts” and “Nobody”.

As part of this Whatsapp update, these options should extend to include “My contacts except…” where you can then pick specific contacts that you don’t want to give permission to add you to a group.

This doesn’t mean you won’t be notified that someone is trying to add you to a group, rather that person will be prompted to send a private invitation in an individual chat, leaving you with the choice to join the group or not.

WABetaInfo has also said that the messenger company may have been testing a self-destructing messenger feature to match those of it’s competitor, Telegram.

Whatsapp hasn’t put out any information on when these features will be available, but WABetaInfo reports that it is being tested with some users in India.

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