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Date:9 April 2020 Author: Leila Stein Tags:,

WhatsApp recently released new features to help slow the spread of fake news on its platform. A beta update has also been submitted, with more new features which will soon be available.

According to WABetainfo, the major updates that will be coming through are an advanced search feature, protect backup and new auto-download rules.

Advanced search

In the beta for 2.20.117, an advanced search mode feature will allow users to quickly find media easily.

The current search options for WhatsApp include a general chat search bar and individual search options in chats for selected media, documents and links from that specific conversation.

The new advanced search will make it easier to find that kind of data from all chats. This will most likely happen by searching in a type of data filter like “documents” across all chats. Other filters include photos, videos, audio, GIFs and links.

Protect backup

Users will be able to add password protection to the Google Drive backups of their chat history.

The password isn’t saved in WhatsApp or Facebook and users won’t be able to recover this password if it’s lost.

New auto-download rules

Currently, users can configure auto-download themselves already in chat settings but now WhatsApp seem to be planning to enable this as a default setting. This means frequently downloaded content will never automatically download.

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