Whatsapp welcomes you to the dark side

Date:4 March 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:, , ,

A few weeks ago WhatsApp released a beta version of dark mode for Android, and it’s safe to say the general public was left unimpressed, with some users complaining about the lack of a ‘true black option’ and lacklustre wallpapers.

Now, it seems as though WhatsApp has not only gone back and fixed those issues, it has also released an official dark mode update for both Android and iOS. Should you choose to make use of this new feature and give your eyes a break from the bright default WhatsApp interface, don’t expect an entirely new redesign. The white background has simply been inverted to black, with your contacts names remaining.

To enable this feature, all users on iOS 13 and Android 10 need to do is go to their phones setting menu and enable dark mode. WhatsApp will change from light to dark mode automatically when you change these settings. Users on Android 9 and below can select it via WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Theme > Dark.

Take a look at Whatsapp’s somewhat overly dramatic video prompting their latest update below.

Image: Twitter/@FocuzJ

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