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The Dazer
Date:31 May 2008

If you’ve ever had your morning jog ruined by a huge, slavering beast apparently cloned from the Hound of the Baskervilles, you’re the perfect customer for a gadget called The Dazer – a “perfectly harmless” ultrasonic dog deterrent device that’s said to stop the approach of unfriendly and aggressive dogs from as far away as seven metres. It’s also a useful training aid, say the suppliers, and may be used to cure incessant barking. But it’s not just for dogs: the device will also chase strange cats out of your garden, or persuade your own feline that scratching the furniture is not a good idea. Made of high-impact plastic, it comes with a steel belt clip, low-battery indicator and 9-volt battery.

Price: R499 (excluding shipping). Contact Dazer on 083 301 7044 or visit www.dazer.co.za

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