Wi-Drive DX-325: A Server for all occasions

Date:16 May 2013 Tags:, ,

Does your household have its fair share of techno junkies? If so, you might want to start managing all those music, video, image and communal must-have files in one convenient location. The WiDrive DX-325 – a Wi-Fi router, external hard drive and NAS server all in one – is just the thing for home or small office environments.

Aside from allowing you to share files over any IP network or stream mulitmedia to your Wi-Fi enables PC, laptop or smart TV, it connects up to five devices to each other or to the Internet. Security protocols ensure that users’ activities remain private. If you upload the Bit Torrent seed through its Web-based control panel, you can shut down your computer and harvest download files in your sleep. The device comes bundled with a 500 GB SATA hard drive, but if you cough up an extra R360, you can boost this to 1 TB. Price: about R1 500.

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