World Panel Solar Charging Kit: charger for the bush

Date:28 September 2014 Tags:, ,

When choosing a mobile charger to take with you on your next adventure, the more robust its design, the better. World Panel’s 500 Solar Charging Kit, designed and tested in sub-Saharan Africa for use in rural communities, certainly fits the bill. Measuring 225 mm x 111 mm x 30 mm and weighing 500 grams, it’s not the smallest or lightest portable charger out there – but that wouldn’t be your reason for buying it. More importantly, it’s waterproof, and its UV panel and housing can survive a drop from 2 metres.

Although the solar panel has no battery, its 5V 500 mA output is capable of charging virtually any handset directly via a USB port. The kit also includes an external 5 000 mAh battery (for those wanting to store power for later use) and a flexible 10 LED light that can reportedly run for 48-plus hours.

Price: about R750. Stand-alone panels can also be purchased for R450 apiece and daisy-chained to boost the kit’s charging capacity for more power-hungry devices. Contact Green Africa Initiatives on 076 448 5278 or visit


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