World’s biggest electric vehicle rally gains traction

  • Fill-up - or should that be recharge? - time for Team Phoenix Contact.
  • E-bikes are very much part of the scenery.
  • Tesla added some high-end interest.
  • A total of 75 competitors took part in this year's WAVE.
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From E-Golfs to Teslas and LEAFs they all came, and they all had one thing in common: electric power. A total of 75 teams from 14 countries recently completed what is described as the world’s biggest electric vehicle rally. This was the fourth running of the WAVE (World Advanced Vehicle Expedition). Its route stretches from Germany to Switzerland. And the event isn’t restricted to the four-wheeled electric vehicle, either: even E-bikes take part.

Winners were chosen in four categories:

  • Popular: Team Phoenix Contact Frank & Frank (Germany) VW E-Golf.
  • Exclusive: Team Austria’s Green Motorsport, Manfred and Tamara Hillinger (Austria), Tesla Roadster.
  • Light: Team Red Frog, Christian Frei and Sabine Obexer (Switzerland), Smile Roadster.
  • E-Bike: Team Morimaxx, Martin Moritz (Germany), Zero S 2013.

According to the organisers, who have also set up a Facebook profile, the WAVE is gaining traction. This year’s tally of entrants more than doubled the 2013 entry. The 2014 participants drove, in total, more than 240 000 km accident-free kilometres.

The WAVE route starts in Stuttgart and heads off to Munich. It ends in the Seebodenalp in central Switzerland. Along the way, it traverses  the 2 430-metre Furka Pass, a stern challenge for any electric vehicle

Source: The Newsmarket


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