Xbox created a life size Series X inspired fridge

Date:26 October 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

When Xbox first unveiled its next generation console, the Xbox Series X back in December 2019 at the Game Awards, fans quickly took to social media to poke fun at its design, comparing it to a fridge. Xbox recognised this and instead of condemning those who made fun of the Series X, the company embraced the jokes and memes and turned it into somewhat of a marketing campaign.


More than half a year after the ‘fridge meme’ first gained popularity on social media, Xbox has taken the joke to the next level by creating a life-size, fully-functional fridge in the shape of the Series X. The fridge also features specially green themed lighting that illuminates when it is opened along with a custom Xbox sound effects. Not only was the fridge itself a replica of the Series X, but it was shipped in the same packaging gamers can expect when they purchase they console.

Popular YouTuber iJustine was lucky enough to receive the Xbox themed fridge and posted it to her channel for all to enjoy.

Take a look at the Xbox Series X fridge unboxing below:


Picture: Screenshot

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