• Xbox Series S trailer confirms the release data and price

    Date:9 September 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    Microsoft officially announced the price of its next-gen console yesterday, 8 September. The Xbox Series S, a less expensive, all-digital counterpart to the more powerful Xbox Series X will cost R5,048 [$299]. However, that wasn’t the only information we got about the Xbox Series S.

    After Microsoft made its announcement, a ‘Twitter leaker’ by the name of WalkingCat posted a promotional video about the Series S which contained some interesting information. The video confirmed that the new console is targeting 120fps gaming at up to 1440p resolution and offering 512GB of storage.

    The all-digital Series S will also support ray tracing, variable refresh rate, and variable rate shading. WalkingCat’s video also confirmed that the Series S will be 60 percent smaller than the bigger Xbox Series X and support 4K media streaming, and 4K upscaling for games.

    Customers were quick to point out that the 512GB of storage may not be enough, as many current generation games exceed the 100GB mark, and we can expect next generation games to be even larger. This does however point to the possibility that Microsoft will include the same removable storage port found on the larger Xbox Series X, according to the Verge.

    A rumoured release date of 10 November for both the Xbox Series S and Series X was also confirmed by Windows Central, with the larger Xbox Series X costing R8 428 [$499].

    Image credit: Twitter/@IGN

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