Xiaomi launches Mi Bunny, a kiddies smart watch

  • The Mi Bunny has a LED dot matrix display. Image credit: Xiaomi
  • The Mi Bunny strap is moulded from silicon for comfort. Image credit: Xiaomi
  • The watch has a built-in distress alert that triggers when the SOS button is pressed. Image credit: Xiaomi
  • The Mi Bunny app that keeps parents informed of their child's movements. Image credit: Xiaomi
Date:4 May 2016 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, , ,

The Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer Xiaomi has launched a smart watch for young children that doubles as a tracking device. The Mi Bunny comes with some of the basic functionality of an “adult” smart watch, but has been styled to suit the younger consumer market.

The main function of the watch gives parents the ability to track their child’s movements through a linked app. The Mi Bunny’s functionality includes embedded simcard, voice calling, GPS location tracking, a 300mAh battery with standby functionality of up to six days and an distress alert that triggers the parent’s phone.

The watch is retailing for 299 Yuan (about R650) in China.

Source: Miui

Images credit: Xiaomi

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