You need to delete these apps off your Android

Date:7 July 2020 Author: Leila Stein

Google has deleted another set of apps which it found to be harmful in Google Play Store. However, removing the app in the store doesn’t automatically delete the malicious app from your phone.

These slip-ups in marketplace security are not entirely Google’s fault. The company keeps putting up defenses against apps that intend to steal the data of those who download it, but developers keep coming up with new ways to get around them.

These 25 apps identified were stealing users’ Facebook log in data. This threat was identified by Evina, a French cybersecurity firm. They notified Google, despite some of the apps already having reviews that spoke about malicious activity.

“We had Google shut down those applications. Evina managed to successfully reverse-engineer the malware which enabled us to protect end-users against it,” said Evina.

To further add to the clear intent to reach and infect as many Android phones as possible, the list of apps is diverse and not just related to one sector.

Find the apps you need to delete here:

Image: Evina

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