YouTube, Gmail and Google all went down

Date:14 December 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Some of Google’s most popular services, including Gmail and YouTube, all went down earlier this afternoon at around 2 pm, affecting users around the world.

When users tried to access their Gmail accounts, they were greeted with an error message that read “Oops…the system encountered a problem – retrying.”

Youtube, which is owned by Google also experienced similar issues, presenting users with a message that read “Something went wrong…”

Some users also experienced issues with Google’s search engine, receiving a 400 error message whenever they tried to search for something, although this issue was not as widespread as Youtube and Gmail.

According to DownDetecor, 80% of Gmail users experienced problems logging in, while 12% had issues with the website itself. 7% of users have issues receiving messages.

In terms of YouTube, 48% of people had issues with the website, 43% had issues with watching videos, and 7% of people simply could not log into their YouTube accounts.

For Google, 91% could not gain access to their accounts, while 8% of people could not use the search engine.



Google has not commented on the issue as of writing this article, but it appears as though the sudden outage has been rectified and the services are back up and running.

Picture: Pixabay




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