YouTube to bring out new features

Date:18 February 2021 Author: Leila Stein

YouTube is improving in 2021 with a host of new features. These aim to keep the platform relevant as a video streaming site.

In a blog post titled, Investing to empower the YouTube experience for the next generation of video, YouTube chief product officer Neal Mohan outlined some of these upcoming changes.

These include a new format called “Shorts” in line with TikTok videos and Instagram Reels, a brand new interface and add-on features to the popular YouTube TV. In addition, they will be expanding viewing formats to include emerging visual technologies like VR and 4K video.

“Since the beginning of December, the number of Indian channels using Shorts creation tools has more than tripled, and the YouTube Shorts player is now receiving more than 3.5 billion daily views globally,” Mohan said.

“In the coming weeks, we’ll begin expanding the beta to the US, unlocking our tools to even more creators so they can get started with Shorts.”

The channel wants content creators to continue to invest in their site and so are coming up with new ways to increase monetisation and incentive building.

Much like Instagram, YouTube will also be adding a shopping element to their platform, making it possible to link to sites for products found in videos. This will create a more seamless approach than the current, stop and Google it format.

“We’re beta testing a new integrated shopping experience that allows viewers to tap into the credibility and knowledge of trusted creators to make informed purchases directly on YouTube. Keep an eye out for this to expand later in 2021,” Mohan said.

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