• YouTube updates its harassment policy

    Date:13 December 2019 Author: Leila Stein

    YouTube has announced it will be expanding its harassment policy to combat threats and personal attacks, continued harassment and toxic comments.

    “Harassment hurts our community by making people less inclined to share their opinions and engage with each other,” Matt Halprin, Vice President, Global Head of Trust & Safety said.

    Youtube will now not only prohibit explicit threats but also implied threats, including content simulating violence toward an individual or language suggesting physical violence may occur. No individual should be subject to harassment that suggests violence.

    Channels which repeatedly come under fire of the Youtube harassment policy, not just in one incident, will be removed from the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), removing their ability to make money through their channel.

    Youtube have also introduced a feature where creators can review comments before allowing it onto its channel, making it easier to catch toxic comments before they filter through.

    “We remain committed to our openness as a platform and to ensuring that spirited debate and a vigorous exchange of ideas continue to thrive here. However, we will not tolerate harassment and we believe the steps outlined below will contribute to our mission by making YouTube a better place for anyone to share their story or opinion,” Halprin said.

    Picture: Pixabay

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