Zoom video chat platform to buy real-time translation startup Kites

Date:8 July 2021 Author: Leigh-Ann Londt Tags:, , , ,

The Zoom application that makes home video calls so much easier when working from home, is set on buying real-time translation startup Kites.

According to IOL, the platform is looking for ways to improve meeting productivity and efficiency by adding multi-language translation capabilities.

Velchamy Sankarlingam, president of product and engineering, says that they are continuously looking for new ways to deliver happiness to all registered users and improve meeting productivity.

“With our aligned missions to make collaboration frictionless – regardless of language, geographic location, or other barriers – we are confident Kites’ impressive team will fit right in with Zoom.”

Zoom confirmed that they signed the definitive agreement to obtain the firm, which was first set up in 2015.

Co-founders Dr. Waibel and Dr. Stüker added: “Kites emerged with the mission of breaking down language barriers and making seamless cross-language interaction a reality of everyday life, and we have long admired Zoom for its ability to easily connect people across the world.

“We know Zoom is the best partner for Kites to help advance our mission and we are excited to see what comes next under Zoom’s incredible innovation engine.”

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