Dyson Hot fan heater

Date:24 November 2012 Author: Alan Duggan Tags:, ,

We unveiled this appliance some time ago in a feature on winter warming options, waxing eloquent on its quirky, elegantly understated design (it’s a fan heater/cooler, but you can’t see any fan), not to mention the sophisticated innards that made it work. Now that we’ve actually played with it, we’re happy to report that inventor Sir James Dyson and his development team are pretty damn good at what they do.

Here’s how it works. Employing technology similar to that found in turbochargers and jet engines, it accelerates air through an aperture to create a jet that passes over an aerofoil-shaped ramp to channel its direction. Surrounding air is then drawn into the airflow, amplifying it by up to six times. The air inlet draws in up to 20 litres of air per second, while a 10 mm airflow projector directs more air towards you by focusing its exit angle. And, with 10 different settings, you can adjust the airflow precisely.

Having first experienced the Dyson Hot as a cooler (yeah, it does sound a little weird), we were keen to assess its capabilities as a heater – and we weren’t disappointed. In fact, it emerged as a great year-round appliance. The hidden ceramic plates don’t accumulate dust, so you get none of those unpleasant burning smells while it’s working, and an automatic cut-out gives you peace of mind when leaving the room. A remote control allows you to turn it on and off or adjust the temperature, airflow speed and oscillation. Want one of your own? Visit www. dionwired.co.za for details and be prepared to spend about R4 800.

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