Exclusive test of Nimuno Loops

  • This is the increasingly popular Nimuno Loop.
  • We only had a small test piece, but buyers will receive a 1 meter roll.
  • The covering strip needs to be pulled off the adhesive before you stick it down.
  • The glue is quite strong, and a lot of Lego and other stuff can be loaded on one strip.
Date:28 March 2017 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, , ,

This month the flexible Lego-compatible tape known as Nimuno Loops had many of us wishing we still had Lego and some of us running to fund the project on Indiegogo. Well, got hold of a strip of the flexi-tape and put it to the test.

What does it look like?

The tape is as wide as a Lego block and comes in 1 metre rolls – we did however have a shorter piece to test. It’s flexible and rubbery without being squishy and it’s quite strong. Unless you’re Terry Crews a hard yank won’t tear it apart. (But we would keep it away from Jock.)

The glue on the back quite sticky, but can be loosened with a gentle tug. We won’t risk sticking it on precious painted walls.

How does it work?

Basically like stacking Lego. Either place the strip on a solid surface or hold it in your hand, now take a Lego brick and place it over the studs ensuring the studs slot into the Lego brick and sits flush. To stick down Nimuno Loops, simply pull away the strip that covers the adhesive and push the strip down on your chosen surface.

Now guys, science still applies. It is important to know that the Nimuno Loop is still flexible and made from a softer and more pliable material that the Lego brick. Bending it too far might make the bricks fall off. But if you keep the bend very slight or build to accommodate a very tight bend, the bricks should stay on.

The adhesive is very reliable. We could hang a car key and pen from small makeshift holders with only a small piece of the sticky backing in use. When you use the entire adhesive strip the Loop’s strength increases significantly. To test this we built a large structure on top of our Nimuno Loop and hung it against a wall. It held up without slipping.

Pro tips

The adhesive strip will eventually pull off or lose its tackiness. Unless Nimuno Loops is planning on releasing the tape separately, we recommend replacing it with double-sided tape.

Stick first, build second. Building an incredible cityscape on your Nimuno Loop before you angle it and stick it down may cause your construction to become, well… deconstructed. We recommend you stick before you build.

Nimuno Loops in a nutshell

Nimuno Loops gives new dimension to Lego and opens the door to a new world of building options. It’s fun and different and we’d recommend it to any Lego enthusiast.

How to get it

It’s currently in the funding stage on Indiegogo, having raised almost $1,5 million, but all  the purchase options are still available. Priced from $13 (about R170), the project offers packages to suit any budget in a wide variety of colours.

A recently achieved stretch goal has allowed Chrome Cherry Design Studio – the creators of the tape – to produce tape that is four studs wide and 1 metre in length. This gives you even more creative building options!

We recommend you head over to Indiegogo (click here) to check it our yourself.


Special thanks to Lego collector André Ballot for lending us so Lego to use.

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