Pumping up the… er… beat

dr dre Beatbox Portable lands in the PM offices, temporarily displacing our road test trike (background, obscured).
Date:14 May 2013 Author: Anthony Doman Tags:, , ,

Since the early retirement of our thebeamz laser harp, the Pop Mech office is officially an oasis of tranquility, aside from an occasional explosion or the messy consequences of such memorable ideas as repurposing an angle grinder as a surgical tool. (Strictly speaking, the lastmentioned items could be described as wild exaggeration, though we can’t rule out discussion having taken place along those lines.)

So it was with eager anticipation, to say nothing of a wicked glint in the eye, that we moved the volume slider up to Max and pressed the Play button on the dr dre Beatbox Portable.

Well, they came running.

Read our impressions of this wi-fi and Bluetooth-equipped boombox in the next edition of Tested in Popular Mechanics.






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