Tested: Alcatel 10 2in1 Tablet

Date:26 April 2017 Author: Lumka Nofemele Tags:, ,

For a very long time I was on the hunt for a 2in1 – a tablet that doubles up as a laptop but wont leave a huge whole in my wallet like a laptop would.

A tablet by itself is only useful if you are never going to need access to a keyboard and mouse or never need to plug in a USB. Otherwise you would have to make the additional purchase of an OTG cable and a USB hub.

As a laptop, its functionality is pretty basic. It sports a 4-core Intel Atom CPU, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of space and a processor that that runs at 1.4ghz while on battery. Simply put, the Alcatel’s specs are nothing out of the ordinary and it is not particularly fast – but it serves its purpose.
I used the 2in1 mostly as an entertainment station, watching movies or series on it, while getting my work done on my laptop.

Just make sure you place the device on a perfectly flat surface, as any slight movement will detach the keyboard from the screen causing your USB to disconnect resulting in Paddington Bear (or whatever you’re watching) to come to an abrupt halt.

Another downside is that the battery (that is meant to, but doesn’t, last for a day) takes a great part of forever to charge. The 5mpxl rear/2mpxl front camera is not a problem if you don’t plan to take any selfies with your tablet.

Given that it retails for R3599, it is fairly priced and will get the job done – whatever that job might be.

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