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Date:13 June 2016 Author: Lindsey Schutters Tags:, ,

This is the best wrist worn heart rate monitor on the planet. It’s accurate (within 1 BPM of an Adidas Micoach ANT+ chest strap), comfortable and extremely flexible, but not in the way you’d think. You see, in the world of smartphone-based fitness apps there’s always a search for a heart rate monitor that can be all things to all people. Wahoo’s Tickr does a great job if you want a chest strap and now people who prefer optical tracking have an option too.

The thing that makes it stand out is that it uses both Bluetooth and ANT+ to transmit, making it compatible with pretty much everything that can pair to a heart rate monitor. I had the Fuse running with Strava, Adidas Micoach, S Health and even managed to overlay heart rate data on a Garmin Verb Elite.

There is however a caveat, although this may affect only me. All the services Fuse can connect to (including Mio’s own rather brilliant app) aren’t supported by Discovery’s Vitality. I know I may sound like a stuck record harping on this, but it’s the country’s leading wellness programme and many people are affected by it.

But much like the TomTom Spark (sidenote: TomTom used a Mio heart rate sensor in the original Runner Cardio), this is a device designed to track activity accurately (also tracks steps and calories burned) and not to nett you more coffees or smoothies.

If you’re serious about training, but don’t want a chest strap, get this. Bonus points for syncing with Apple Health.

R2 500, mioglobal.co.za 

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