See who’s talking

See who's talking
Date:1 October 2010 Tags:

Alexander Graham Bell was probably over the moon at simply being able to talk to somebody in the next room. Today, we want to see distant friends when catching up on their news. But be warned: Logitech’s latest webcam, the HD Pro C910, promises to add new meaning to the expression “warts and all”, with widescreen Full HD 1080p video recording, and easy uploading to social networking sites. It also facilitates HD 720p video calling, with an image that’s said to be both sharper and smoother than standard-definition calls. Stereo audio with two mics (one on either side of the webcam lens) ensures that everyone gets to hear the real you. Plus, it lets you take quality 10-megapixel (software enhanced) happy snaps, too. Price: about R950. Visit

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