• Watch a 27-story building implode in seconds

    Date:11 July 2017 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, , , ,

    An imploding building is an incredible thing to watch – especially when the building is sent to ground in a large city. In the video above you’ll see a 118 metre tall skyscraper implode in a city in northwestern China.

    At the very beginning of the video you’ll see flashes of pink, these are the explosive charges going off. A second later the skyscraper crumbles, falling slightly to the left – away from the road.

    Chinese news outlet Xinhau reported on the implosion in 2015, stating the building was demolished because it had stood empty since its completion in 1999. “Authorities said the building had stood empty too long for it to be transformed for other use,” writes the news outlet.

    Video credit: CCTV+

    Source: Popular Mechanics USA

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