A conductor’s view of the New York subway

Date:11 January 2016 Tags:, , ,

Railway commuters only ever have a view of what is next to them as the train snakes between stations. Recently YouTuber DJ Hammers uploaded a video of the conductors’ view of the New York subway, showing viewers what exactly the train’s driver sees.

Watch the video above for a four minute time-lapse of a rapid transit train on the 7 line, that operates between Queens and Manhattan in New York. Sped up ten times, the video makes the conductor’s view feel a bit like a stop-start roller coaster ride, but it’s interesting to watch. A longer, unedited version of the train’s full 43 minute commute video is available, here.

If you’re a railway enthusiast, check out DJ Hammers’ channel for more amazing videos of new and old trains from all over the world.

Video credit: DJ Hammers

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