AGA iTotal Control cooker: now you’re cookin’

Date:19 July 2012 Tags:, , , , ,

Say hello to the AGA iTotal Control cooker. What makes this model special is the fact that its three ovens (roasting, baking and simmering) can be remotely controlled – via your smartphone, PC, laptop, iPad or tablet – no matter where you are in the world, so you can ensure the cooker is warm and supper will be cooked at exactly the time you need it. If you own a phone that isn’t especially smart, you can simply send a text message to the AGA to tell it what to do. Here’s how it works: the iTotal Control stove has a dedicated SIM card linked to a unique phone number. Once your stove is installed, you save this number into your phone, and when you want to operate it remotely, you send a text message with the appropriate command, and the appliance does the rest. Watch a video showing how the new AGA iTotal Control cooker is controlled remotely via an iPad…

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