AMOS-WD06 – the 6-legged walking machine

Date:9 February 2010

The AMOS-WD06 (Advanced Mobility Sensor Driven-Walking Device) is a 6-legged walking machine that mimics the structures of walking animals. This walking machine, driven by modular neural control, can autonomously perform reactive and adaptive behaviours, such as wandering around, avoiding obstacles, escaping from deadlock situations or corners, reflex action (standing in an upside-down position) and escape behaviour (running away from a striking predator). Furthermore, it can learn to adapt its walking pattern to new situations. It can serve as a hardware platform for experiments involving the function of a neural perception-action system.


This video shows autonomous walking behaviours in different environmental conditions. A complex sequence of eight different behaviours is shown that includes standard walking in a tetrapod gait, upslope walking in a wave gait, rough-terrain walking in a wave gait, self-untrapping through chaotic motion, down-slope walking in a mixture or transition gait (from wave to tetrapod), active phototaxis by fast walking in a tripod gait, and resting. As soon as obstacles are detected the machine performs obstacle avoidance behaviour by turning left or right.


Video credit: Poramate Manoonpong and Marc Timme, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization and University of Göttingen


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