Amputee with Terminator-like hand ties shoelace and deals cards with ease

Date:9 April 2013 Tags:, , , , , ,

Following an accident at work, Nigel Ackland had no choice but to have his arm amputated. Ackland was originally fitted with a passive hand; however, he could not use the hand functionally. He then received an electric arm with a terminal device called a greifer. Although the greifer was more functional, its cosmetic appearance left much to be desired.

Finally, Ackland was fitted with RSLSteeper’s bebionic3 hand, which he can use to perform everyday tasks, plus it looks much more realistic. Watch as Ackland ties his shoelace and deals cards with ease…

RSLSteeper’s bebionic3 hand has been selected as one of 15 international finalists for the 2013 da Vinci Awards.

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