Anvil plus spray paint equals rainbow explosion

Date:12 September 2017 Tags:, , , ,

Turns out dropping an anvil on stuff is fun. Dropping it on to spray paint cans from 45 metres can trigger an awesome rainbow explosion.

By Avery Thompson

It’s fun to make things explode. Sometimes you’ll need actual explosives to make things explode, but most often you’ll simply need to drop something heavy on them. For instance, you can make a bunch of spray paint cans explode simply by dropping an anvil on them from 45 metres.

While most people would be content simply knowing that such a thing would happen, the folks at How Ridiculous decided to do it. In addition to crushing several cans of spray paint, they also used their anvil and 45 metre tall tower to blow up cans of shaving cream, silly string, and several watermelons.

With a setup like that, there are all sorts of different things they could explode. What would you like to see them drop an anvil on next?

Video credit: How Ridiculous
From: PM USA

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