Argo ReWalk exoskeleton suit holds out hope for wheelchair users

Date:17 January 2013 Tags:, ,


Robotic exoskeleton suits promise something unimaginable for wheelchair-bound people – the ability to stand up and walk unaided – just about – on their own…

One such exoskeleton is the Argo ReWalk, which consists of a light wearable brace support suit. Motors power knee and hip movement, monitored by a range of sensors under the control of a computer. Built-in algorithms analyse body movements, and trigger and maintain gait patterns for up to eight hours. Besides mobility, such a device could improve – through regular activity – areas such as bone density and muscle strength, cardiorespiratory and bowel/bladder function, and sitting posture.

Watch this video to take a closer look at the Argo ReWalk exoskeleton suit…

In PM’s February 2013 issue – on sale 21 January – you’ll read more about this novel exoskeleton suit, as well as about Cape Town’s Andrew Merryweather and his pursuit to raise enough funds to obtain an Argo ReWalk exoskeleton suit…

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