Avengers: Infinity War. Who will die?

Date:30 November 2017 Author: Lumka Nofemele Tags:, , ,

The trailer for the highly anticipated, Marvel phase four starter, Avengers Infinity War is finally here. Over 30 beloved characters will join together for the first time in the new film, but will they all come back for the sequel? We decided to take a few guesses on who wont be surviving the wrath of Thanos.

The Collector

Thanos is hunting for the six infinity stones – that’s the entire reason he finally got off the throne he’s been sitting on since The Avengers.

Now, remember Benicio Del Toro’s creepy character from the Guardians of the Galaxy? Well, he has been safekeeping the reality stone and with Thanos wanting it, he’s a goner.

Also, if you caught any of those grainy clips from the movie that leaked online, you already know The Collector is about to take his final bow.

Maria Hill

Agent Maria Hill does not stand a chance against Thanos and the actress that plays her, Colbie Smulders, has not be confirmed for the sequel.

At the end of Civil War, the Avengers were not exactly on great terms with each other. Hill’s death could serve as a catalyst for them to put aside their differences in the same way that Agent Coulson’s “death” did in the first Avengers movie.

If anything gets Nick Fury back into the thick of things (he has been M.I.A of late), it will be losing Hill.


One of the infinity stones that Thanos is looking for is in Vision’s forehead. We see Thanos trying to pry it out of him in the trailer.

We don’t know if Vision can live without his stone, but it seems like Marvel are setting us up for an emotional goodbye. Vision’s relationship with Wanda aka Scarlet Witch seems to be blossoming – a perfect set up for a sad death.

Black Widow

If a character that the audience is truly emotionally invested in, is to die in this movie, it’s going to be Black Widow.

Scarlett Johansson hasn’t signed up for the Infinity War sequel and lets be honest, her character can’t do anything against Thanos.

Her death could also be used to bring the tension between Captain America and Ironman to rest.

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