B flying car transitions easily from land cruising to vertical takeoff

Date:19 September 2013 Tags:, , , , ,

Meet B flying car, a remote-controlled hybrid car-helicopter created by Witold Mielniczek.

He built a proof of concept with a polycarbonate chassis and 18 cm propellers inside each of its four 21 cm-diameter hubless wheels.

A single charge of B’s lithium-polymer battery delivers 15 minutes of combined driving-flying performance. With the flick of the controller’s toggle switch, B transitions from land cruising, where it tops out at around 29 km/h, to vertical take-off, up to 250 m in the air, with a maximum speed of about 40 km/h. An onboard HD camera records the entire journey. Mielniczek is currently awaiting a patent for B’s Propelling Driving Unit.

Watch as the B flying car transitions from land cruising to vertical take-off with ease…

Mielniczek’s B flying car was recognised in PM’s Backyard Genius Awards 2013. Get your hands on our October 2013 issue – on sale 23 September – to meet more backyard geniuses with unconventional, slightly irrational but utterly awesome, creative inventions.


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