BASF concept 1865 e-bike is made almost entirely of modern plastics

Date:12 December 2013 Tags:, ,

German company BASF call this bicycle a “thought experiment”, explaining it as follows: “Bicycles made almost entirely from plastic have existed for a long time. What has not existed to date is a concept e-bicycle that incorporates as many different, and sometimes very innovative, plastic types that contribute to their specific benefit.” Er… okay.

Conceived by a design agency with the entirely appropriate name of DING3000, the e-bike employs more than 20 different BASF plastics. Why 1865? Because the company was founded in the year that the first pedal bicycles appeared. This also neatly explains why their fully functional two-wheeled concept takes the shape of the historic high-seat machine known to us as the penny farthing. Will it enter production? Highly unlikely. Will we be holding our breath? Nope.

Take a squiz at the BASF e-bike in this video…

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