Betterfly human-powered aircraft takes to the air

Date:25 February 2014 Tags:, , , ,

Team Betterfly competed in aviation’s most obscure contest, the week-long Icarus Cup 2013 for human-powered flight. Held at Sywell Aerodrome, a rural airstrip 120 km north of London, the second edition of the Icarus Cup proved to be fruitful for Team Betterfly when team leader David Barford secured victory on the last day of the competition.

Watch as Betterfly takes to the air at the Icarus Cup 2013 in a video shot by Stephen Warrick…

Named after the Greek mythological figure who plunged into the sea after flying too close to the Sun and melting his man-made wings, the Icarus Cup was organised by Bill Brooks – chairman of Britain’s Human Powered Aircraft Group of the Royal Aeronautical Society – to showcase the country’s pedal-powered fleet. The first Icarus Cup was held in 2012, which was won by Airglow. Officials from the International Air Sports Federation are now mulling over the creation of a world championship in 2015.

Read more about the improbable flying machines of Sywell in the March 2014 issue of Popular Mechanics – on sale 24 February.

Thumbnail image credit: Reed Young
Video credit: Stephen Warrick via Jeff Wise’s channel on YouTube


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