Bike storage gets a lift

Date:15 October 2012 Tags:, , ,

Cyclists are more challenged than most when it comes to storing their machines. Bulky and often mucky (the bikes, that is, not the riders), they are usually banished to an outbuilding or garage, where they lurk waiting to stain clothing or scratch vehicle paintwork. Hardcore riders have it even worse: they tend to have more than one bike – one for the road, another for the trail, and so on. And then there are multi-bike households. How to get all this hardware out of the way safely, securely and neatly?

KZN-based Ryan Chapman saw a solution in a clever combination of a hoist, a tow-hitch and a bike rack. The Lift Guy provides a standard wall-mounted tow-hitch bracket that accepts a typical bike rack and hoists it up and out of harm’s way.

Catch the Lift Guy in action…

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