Biped robot operates doors, picks up heavy objects

Date:24 February 2016 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, ,

The robot apocalypse might still be a while off, but they’re getting smarter ever day. American robotics and engineering design company, Boston Dynamics, has shared a video of its latest version of Atlas – a humanoid bipedal robot that is highly mobile and is designed to navigate the great outdoors.

The new version of Atlas can operate doors, pick up heavy objects and get up when it falls over. In the video above, Atlas goes outside to show off its abilities in snow. Although the robot does look a little disoriented, it does manage to stay upright while walk.

Atlas also successfully lifts two boxes weighing 4,5 kilograms, and places them on shelves, before repeatedly trying to pick up a box that is pushed away from its hands.

Watch the video to see this 1,72 metre tall robot in action.

Video credit: Boston Dynamics

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