Can you keep up with this jet-powered longboard?

Date:31 August 2016 Tags:, , , ,

In their efforts towards creating a jetpack, The Hacksmith and friends took a fun little detour with a fantastic result: a jet-powered longboard.


The team found a spare utility belt, designed mounting brackets for the belt, and then printed printed out those brackets with a 3D printer. Some bent steel here, some belt clipping there—also the jets themselves, electric ducted fans that are common among RC users—and you’ve got a propulsive belt strong enough to move a skateboard and its rider.

The video also highlights the team’s growing desire to get engines to power things, from bikes to playground swings. Their overall goal is to create an Iron Man suit, which puts them in a long tradition of renegade engineers trying to capture Marvel glory. Even if they never do, this is a good enough result to justify the whole project.

Source: The Hacksmith via Popular Mechanics USA

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