A close formation at RIMPAC, the world’s biggest navy training exercise

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Every two years personnel, ships and submarines from around the world take part in the world’s biggest navy training exercise. The event is named RIMPAC, a multinational exercise that involves more than two dozen countries and over 25 000 personnel.

The event is hosted by the United States Pacific Fleet and involves a series of wargames and training exercises to help keep the world’s maritime forces in shape. This year’s RIMPAC theme is “Capable, Adaptive, Partners”, a showcase of the flexibility of today’s armed forces. The extensive program includes exercises and training is: counter-piracy, mine-clearance, diving and salvage operations and air defence.

The month-long RIMPAC ends on Thursday, when thousands of military assets will return to their home countries.

Watch the video above to see a close formation of over 40 maritime vessels. Check out the video below to see how crowded Pearl Harbour was during RIMPAC 2016.

Adapted from: Popular Mechanics USA

Videos credit: US Department of Defense, NATO TV

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