Curious and creative steampunk inspired coffee dispensing contraption

Date:11 October 2013 Tags:,


Truth Coffee in Buitenkant Street is far from your average coffee shop. The main feature in their adventurous and curious shop is their steampunk inspired coffee dispenser. The entirely original and beautiful contraption was designed by industrial designer Chris Jones and is affectionately reffered to as Professor Jones’ Fabulous Coffee Contraption.

Professor Jones, in true steampunk style, collected a lot of the over 2500 parts himself by rummaging around antique and second hand shops, and even scrap yards. It’s a theatrical creation equipped with all the bells and whistles that whir and click and ring and grind. The mechanical energy in the air is palpable, and the vintage inspired machine will definitely grab your attention. Check out the video to see what this coffee-dispensing contrivance is capable of.

Source: Visi

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