Czech flying bicycle is for real!

Date:14 June 2013 Tags:, , , ,

In pursuance of their childhood dreams, three companies from the Czech Republic have developed a flying bike. On 12 June, the final concept of the F-Bike was introduced at a press conference in Prague, where it made its first public flight.

Back in 2011, Duratec, Technodat, Evektor originally set out to create a timeless high-tech electric bicycle; however, this was “an insufficient challenge”. And the idea of a multicopter flying bike was born.

Other than the features of a normal bicycle, the requirements for the F-Bike were that it had to vertically take off and land, as well as have the ability to perform a short co-ordinated flight. In conjunction with Dassault Systèmes, that’s exactly what they created.

Weighing 95 kilograms, the battery-powered flying machine has four main 10 kW-motors and several horizontal propellers to assist in take-off and flight, and can fly for approximately five minutes. We give the F-Bike a huge thumbs up.

Watch the first video of the take-off…


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