Dutch police train eagles to hunt drones

Date:3 February 2016 Tags:, , , ,

Eagles hunting drones? Sounds like Tolkien’s aquiline deus ex machina from Lord of the Rings. But the idea, however strange, might just work.

As drones become more affordable and accessible to the general public, it becomes more and more likely that these increasingly sophisticated flying devices will be used for illegal purposes. To prepare for the possibility of… um… drone-crime, the Dutch police have come up with a novel idea: use eagles to hunt drones.

With the help of Guard From Above, an organisation that trains raptors, the police have trained a raptor to fly towards a drone, catch it and take it to a safe place on the ground. Watch the first 20 seconds of the video above to see the training in action.

Dutch police say that this method of drone catching is practical and helps ensure public safety. The Netherlands have some experience of the problems that lie in wait: in one incident, an emergency helicopter could not land because of interference by a drone.

Whether this will ever be put into practice is another question.

Source: Dutch Police

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