eBussy is both an electric camper and pickup truck

Date:29 July 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

A German company called Electric Brands has taken the iconic VW bus styling and given it a new 21st century makeover in the form of the eBussy, an all-electric vehicle that can function as a minivan, pickup truck and camper.

The eBussy was designed to follow the Lego principle, which allows you to configure the modular vehicle with up to 10 different body styles.

The eBussy also has a fun feature which allows the driver to slide the steering wheel across the entire dashboard for left hand, right hand, or even centre driving positions. It’s able to do this because both the pedals and steering wheel are connected to the vehicle by a drive-by-wire system, meaning they’re electronically connected to the front wheels instead of mechanically.

eBussy is an electric camper and pickup truck

The vehicle is powered by 10kWh battery that delivers a range of around 199 kilometres, but that can be extended thanks to the built-in roof-mounted solar panels and regenerative braking system. However, you can also choose to go with the 30kWh battery, which bumps the vehicles range up to 600 kilometres on a single charge.

The base model eBussy will sell for R303 578 ($18,525), with the most expensive models selling for R545 859 ($33,309) and will go in sale in 2021, according to Engadet.

Take a look at the eBussy transform into its different forms below;

Image credit: Electric Brands

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