• Elon Musk’s plan to colonise Mars

    Date:28 September 2016 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, ,

    With alluring phrases like “make Mars seem possible” and “you can go”, SpaceX founder, CEO and lead designer, Elon Musk, last night revealed his company’s plan to colonise Mars.

    Delivering a presentation on the theme “Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species” at the 67th Astronautical Federation conference in Guadalajara, Mexico, the everyman’s Tony Stark shared an in-depth look at the company’s plans in the areas of fuel, spaceship engineering and cost lowering.

    Yes, dwindling fossil fuel stocks and soaring prices don’t make the SpaceX travel prospects look good, but a super-cooled methane system, also called Deep-Cryo methalox, forms part of the company’s plan to costs to below $100 000 (about R1,3 million) a flight. This would aid the planet’s colonisation of 100 to 200 passengers a flight.

    This seemingly well fleshed-out plan hopes to aid the establishment of a 1 million-strong, self-sufficient, colony on the red planet within 100 years of a spaceship’s first departure from Earth.

    Watch the complete Interplanetary Transport System video above. Musk reiterates that this simulation of the system is a very close representation of what the company plans to build; what’s more, he says that the 3D Models used in the Animations are Directly from the engineers’ CAD Drawings.

    And on the lighter side, during the Q&A section after the presentation, Musk remarked that he wants to call the first spaceship to Mars “The Heart of Gold” as made famous by the Douglas Adam novel Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. “In the books the ship is powered by an infinite improbability drive, and our ships currently seem to be powered by improbability,” Musk said.

    If you’re keen on watching the entire presentation and the question-and-answer session, watch the video below. (Skip ahead to 20 minutes and 50 seconds, to skip the pre-stream screen.)

    Videos credit: SpaceX