Embracing your sixth sense

Date:14 September 2012 Tags:,

Are you familiar with a concept called Digital Sixth Sense? In essence, it’s about the merging of the real and digital worlds – a development that allows us to connect with each other and with the world in ways that sound like the stuff of science fiction. Check out this just-released video documentary from Qualcomm Spark, which explores how technology allows us to extend our minds, connecting us to nearly everyone and everything. In “Digital Sixth Sense”, we hear industry thought leaders talking about the merging of the cyber and real worlds, and ask them where the digital sixth sense will go next. Recent developments in wearable computing and artificial intelligence demonstrate that the man/machine merger shows no signs of slowing down. The video features Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs, VP of Business Development Peter Marx (Qualcomm Labs) as well as Thad Starner, founder/director of the Contextual Computing Group at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


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